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[ODCBLR2014] Address by TS Krishnamurthy

At this years Open Data Camp Bangalore Mr. T. S. Krishnamurthy addressed the audience.

From Wikipedia:

Taruvai Subayya Krishnamurthy (born 1941) was the Chief Election Commissioner (C.E.C) of India (February 2004 – May 2005).[1] His main assignment as C.E.C was to oversee the 2004 elections to the Lok Sabha. He was known for his integrity and a polite yet firm fist with which he handled all sensitive assignments throughout his career.He had earlier served in the Election Commission of India as a commissioner since January 2000.

Photo Gallery Open Data Camp 2013 – Day 1

Pictures from Day 1 of OpenDataCamp 2013. There are about 400 of them taken by Meera Sankar. I have purposely not filtered any pictures. Its the complete set. You can use them as you like as long as the usage follows Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Please credit Meera Sankar.
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Scrapathon 1: Rajasthan Rain Water Data

Cross Posted from Rajasthan Rainfall Data (1957 to 2011) by Thejesh GN

The Rajashtan rainfall data was scraped as part of Scrapathon held in Bangalore 21st July 2011. Intially I used scraperwiki, but the huge amount of data made it to timeout all the time 🙂 so I wrote a simple python script to do it.

Data is in the SQLITE file data.sqlite, in a table called rainfall. It has 6,61,459 rows.

PAGE_ID refers to the ID in the table webpages which lists the webpages from where these data where scraped. It will help you incase you want to cross check. The rest of the columns are self explanatory. I have signed the SQLITE database using my GPG keys and the signatures are inside the file data_gpg_signature.sig

You can download my public key from any keyserver or from biglumber.

You can download here as of now. I will try to make it available on torrent later.

PIN code mapping

Where: Skype ID: datameet



  • We’ll go for bulk geo-coding as opposed to crowd-sourcing
  • We’ll bulk source addresses. Please add any other sources you can think of
  • The Postal College’s list of post offices
  • Branch lists from banks such as SBI, or organisations like BSNL
  • Telephone directories
  • We’ll run them through Yahoo’s Placefinder, which is liberal in API limits and in licensing
  • We’ll create Voronoi treemaps out of those (ideally as OpenStreetMap XML files)

Linked mentioned during the meet: