DataMeet – Mumbai Chapter was the third chapter that we started.  Meetups happen mostly once a month. We also organize workshops when community wants it.


Meetup Organizers:

Ritvvij Parrikh –
Ritvvij Parrikh
Ritvvij Parrikh is the founder of . He works in the intersection of data, design, statistics and coding. He spends considerable time working closely with media organisations and charities like FirstPost, Journalism++ Cologne, Akshara,, etc. to help them make (visual or otherwise) sense of data. In his previous avatars, he founded a social enterprise that helped charities with analytics. Prior to that, he worked for many years at Amdocs US designing data-driven systems for AT&T. He can be reached at

Sanjit Oberai –
Sanjit Oberai is Deputy Editor of IndiaSpend, a non-profit organisation and India’s first Data Journalism initiative, which utilises open data to empower citizens decision making process. He likes creating stories around data and believes that story telling is the way forward. He has worked with PaGaLGuY and He was also one of the 50+ contributors to the e-book ‘Data+Design’ which was published by Infoactive. He can be reached at

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