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Formerly in the IT sector, Nikhil has graduated from a degree-less alternative university where he self-designed his course with a community of learners from diverse backgrounds. He is combining his multiple interests in technology, sustainability and democracy in his current work with Centre for Environment Education and other voluntary projects and community initiatives. Having a presence in many networks and constantly cross-pollinating developments amongst them, he is keen to work on open data, while recognizing technology’s role as merely a tool and not an end, prioritizing simplicity and stakeholder empowerment.

Craig bio
Craig Dsouza is a graduate with a Master’s in Environmental Policy from the University of Delaware and currently works at SOPPECOM, Pune in research on rural water related issues. His research involves a substantial amount of data analysis and field work related to agricultural water use, cropping patterns and hydrological data. This exploration drove his curiosity on the subject of data availability & data quality in the social sector in India and consequently to Datameet’s work. He believes grassroots citizen action (which is strengthened by open data and transparency) is the key to overcoming overwhelming challenges to the equitable management of water resources in India.

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Title Picture: Ramakrishna Reddy, Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Organising a workshop on “New Frontiers of Research on Social Issues” in Pune, 12-13 April. Need a resource person to speak on how to use IT in research. Kindly contact asap. Thanks

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