Datameet runs an email list on Google groups for Data Science enthusiasts in India. Its our main email list for all the discussions related to data.


How to Subscribe/unsubscribe

  1. You can subscribe by visiting the datameet google group’s page
  2. To unsubscribe from this group, send email to datameet+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com

Archives are available on Google groups page and at Mail Archive. Mail archive also has a better search facility.

Email List Rules

Most mailing lists have a set of guidelines for how you should post messages to the list, and the datameet mailing lists follow these general rules of ettiquette. Here’s a short list of do’s and don’ts for posting to datameet mailing list.

Be Nice

To everybody on this list. This is the most important thing.

Message recycling

Do not start a New message or thread by hitting “Reply” in your mail client and changing the subject. When you do this, you mess up other participant’s ability to read mail in a threaded fashion. When you mean to post a new message, use New, and when you want to reply to an existing message, hit Reply.
To understand the problem with message recycling, check out this article.

Pseudo-legal disclaimers

Do not attach obnoxious pseudo-legal, nonsensical disclaimers to your messages. For legal reasons, such messages are not permitted on our mailing lists, as we have no control over who receives the message or what they do with it – this may include your competitors, people who can use the content of the message against you and cause your business to fail, etc. Since allowing such disclaimers would imply that we accept them, we specifically do not allow them.
If you work for a company that forces such disclaimer attachments, ask them to talk to a lawyer to understand just how pointless such disclaimers are. If your company insists on attaching such disclaimers to messages going out to mailing lists (where, by definition, the sender has *NO* control over who gets to see the message), then either use a webmail system like Yahoo to post your messages, or just don’t post.

Here is more information about such disclaimers.


Stay on-topic for the list. Sometimes topics will diverge from the general discussion, but please try to keep it relevant to the list topic.
Message time and date

Please make sure the date and time on your computer is always current. When your date is set to something such as the year 2006, messages posted by you will get sorted based on that date, which may put them outside of the related month or year they belong in.

Job Posting

Job postings are not allowed on the list. There are many great job boards and lists you can post to, i.e.  HasGeek‘s job board.  Feel free to write an email to the group introducing yourself and the project you are working on but posting a job listing is not allowed.


Events are allowed to be posted on the list, however, please note that this list is about data and open data. If your event is not specifically an data related event please write a paragraph or two about how this event includes data related topics and would be of interest to this community.


All messages are moderated to screen out spam and anything off topic. All messages from first time posters are moderated then allowed to post freely. If you have any questions about why your message isn’t up. Please contact the moderator at nisha (at) datameet (dot) org


The official language of our mailing lists is ENGLISH. Instead of making that extra effort to write a message in AOLish (i.e. “plzzz cn u tel me how 2 du dis?”) which will get you much disdain and ridicule, and absolutely no help from anyone, write in proper English (i.e. “please, can you tell me how to do this?”). Try to use proper English spellings (this is *not* the USA, so we spell it “colour”, not “color”, and the word “oppurtunity” does not exist in any dictionary – even in American “English”).


Most of all, enjoy yourself on the list, and read messages from other users. In them, you may find ideas, solutions to problems, or other information that may be useful to you.
Also read this article by Eric Raymond and Rick Moen about asking questions on mailing lists. This is compulsory reading!

Credit: This page was inspired by BLUG email list rules page.

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    1. I just learned this site and it’s affiliates
      don’t understand literature or it’s cause
      I’m not affiliated , never have been

  2. How do I join the mailing list *without* signing into a Google account. Want to use my non-Gmail e-mail id. Thanks

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