DataMeet – Bangalore Chapter was the first chapter that we started.  Meetups happen mostly once a month. We also organize workshops when community wants it.


Meetup Organizers:

Nisha Thompson – nisha at

Thejesh GN – thej at
Thejesh GN

Open Data Camp – Bangalore

Open Data Camp – Bangalore (ODCBLR) is an annual unconference that aims to provide a space to discuss the challenges and experiences of using data in India with the aim of promoting an open data culture in government and the private sector. ODCBLR is organized by DataMeet community.

Meetup page:

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  1. Hi,
    I am Santosh, I am a student of Information Design at NID Bangalore, we are working on a geoviz of Bellandur lake, it would be of great use if we can get Bangalore lakes geojson/shp file

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