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Finding ways to learn a new way to play and work with data is always a challenge. Workshops, courses, and sprints are a really great way to learn from people. While we will continue to try to bring those events to places around India we wanted to use different mediums to put up lessons, tips, techniques and tools.

There is also an additional challenge of how do we reach out to new communities and people, with different languages and ways of presenting concepts and skills.

We wanted to invite the community and others to experiment in this space by creating video skill sharing playlists.

So instead of a single 10 minute video on how to use Excel we are asking people to create playlists of videos that are between 2 to 5 minutes long that are one concept or process each video.

Anand S presents our first playlist: Formatting in EXCEL:

By breaking up the lesson into chunks and making them separate videos we are asking people add their own.

Don’t like excel? Do one for Open Spreadsheets or Fusion Tables.  Sharing your favorite tools and tricks used for working with data is the main goal of this project.

The next step is translating them into a different languages and offering different ways to teach a concept.

Next week Thej will present a intro to SQL video.

If you want to do one there a few rules:

1) Introduce yourself
2) Break up the lesson by technique and make each video no more than 2 to 5 minutes.
3) Make sure they are a playlist.
4) Upload them to youtube and tag them DataMeet
5) Let us know!

If you have any feedback or a video request please feel free to leave it in the comments. We will hopefully release 2 playlists every month.

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