Bangalore DataMeet Up: July 31st

On Thursday we had a DataMeet up! We would like to thank the Ashoka India offices in Bangalore for  hosting us and providing chai and snacks!


You can see the notes on the DataMeet HackPad and Thej’s presentation here.  The topic was getting data from large scale telephone data collection methods.  Thej shared his experience using these techniques on a political campaign and at NextDrop.

It was a really great meeting and we had an interesting conversation on what tools to use to for what, what was effective and also methodology strategies.

Looking at telephone related data collection some of the interesting findings regarding the response rates to different outreach techniques.

Response rates from out reach techniques:
Responses to SMS – 6 to 8%
Responses to missed call – 12%
Responses to IVR – 20 to 25%
Some big questions regarding telephonic data collection. Are people comfortable giving out their numbers? Seems they are as long as you represent yourself in a straightforward manner and convey that people will get information from doing this.
What are the ethical ways to get contact information and demographic information? There are many ways to get this information but it might be worth doing your own baseline, data collection first to build trust and get cleaner data.
There are more great insights in the notes and the presentation feel free to look them over and ask questions in the comments.

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