DataMeet-Up in Delhi, Friday 12th April

With the recently held Open Data Camp 2013 in Bangalore and the upcoming #12thPlan hackathon being organised by Planning Commission et al, the time seems right to organise a gathering of data enthusiasts in Delhi.

The DataMeet gatherings started in Bangalore in mid-2011 initially as periodic meet-ups, which slowly became a wider loose network of data enthusiasts in Bangalore and elsewhere, eventually leading up to Open Data Camps and data visualisation workshops.

Please let me invite you to a DataMeet gathering to be held in Sarai, CSDS, Civil Lines, Delhi on Friday, 12th April at 5 pm. The purpose of this gathering is to meet fellow (government and non-government) data enthusiasts in Delhi, share challenges and opportunities, and beginning discussions around future projects and initiatives. We hope to have a good mix of researchers, programmers, activists and advocates.

RSVP: If you are joining us for the DataMeet-Up, please let us know at mail[at]

Location: The map below shows the location of Sarai. The closest metro station is Civil Lines (on the Yellow Line), located at the other end of the Underhill Road. Let us know if you need any further details regrading reaching CSDS or other things.

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2 thoughts on “DataMeet-Up in Delhi, Friday 12th April”

  1. I want to join, but the email link for confirmation is not functional.

    Ravi Bajpai

    1. Dear Ravi,

      Replace the ‘[at]’ part by ‘@’ and the email address should work.



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