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====== media posting on Self Hosted Wordpress ====== ===== Using Wordpress built in player ===== - Upload the audio to - Get the link of the audio as shown in the picture - {{:archive_org_media.png?500|}} - then embed the following code in the wordpress - <html>[embed][embed]</html> - Wordpress will automatically create a player and embed it in the post ===== Using shortcode ===== - Install [[|archiveorg-wp]] plugin and activate it - Go to page - Get the embedID from the URL - For example: for the url - embedID is **GeoBLRMarch2015FrancescaR** - Place the shortcode [archive-org embed=GeoBLRMarch2015FrancescaR] into any post or page. embedID can be found on the website at the tail end of the URL for a video or audio item or playlist. The plugin automatically recognizes playlists. - Optional Parameters: - width = width in pixels of the embedded player - height = height in pixels of the embedded player - playlist = true/false - determines whether a dropdown list of all the files is displayed - For example if you want to specify width and height <HTML> <code> [archive-org embed="GeoBLRMarch2015FrancescaR" width="500" height="30"] </code> </HTML>

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