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====== DataMeet Wiki ====== Welcome to the wiki. ===== Data Link Repository ===== * [[indiangeospatialdata|Indian Geo Spatial Data]] ===== Group Business ===== * [[logocontest|DataMeet Logo Contest]] ===== Recommendations ===== * [[odclettertoecidraft|Draft Letter to ECI post ODC2014]] * [[responsetondsap | Feedback given to NIC and DST in response to the NDSAP policy in Jan 2013]] ===== Tools/ Books/ Tutorials ===== We are cataloging the Tools/ Books/ Tutorials that can be used by the community to build their projects on. The idea is discoverability. We prefer open source projects as far as possible. You can go to [[tools | tools]] page to explore all whole list by category. ===== How to edit ===== You need account to edit or add pages to the wiki. Please contact thej @ datameet dor org for an account.

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