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====== DataMeet Wiki ====== Welcome to the wiki. ===== Data Link Repository ===== * [[indiangeospatialdata|Indian Geo Spatial Data]] ===== Group Business ===== * [[logocontest|DataMeet Logo Contest]] ===== Recommendations ===== * [[odclettertoecidraft|Draft Letter to ECI post ODC2014]] * [[responsetondsap | Feedback given to NIC and DST in response to the NDSAP policy in Jan 2013]] ===== Tools/ Books/ Videos/ Manuals ===== We are cataloging the tools/ books/ videos and manuals that can be used by the community to build their projects on. The idea is discoverability. We prefer open source projects as far as possible. You can go to [[tools | tools]] page to explore all whole list by category. ===== How to edit ===== You need account to edit or add pages to the wiki. Please contact thej @ datameet dor org for an account.

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