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Organizations Using Open Data in India

Organization Name Location Type Work Notes
DataMeet Bangalore NPO Spread Open Data Love Have meetups in various other locations.
Gramener Bangalore Private Data Analysis & Visualizations They also have offices in Hyderabad & coimbatore
pykih Mumbai Private pykih is a data design company n.a
Karnataka Learning Partnership Bangalore NPO To create better narratives and policies for public pre-primary and primary schools. Publish data at and!/v1/
knoema Bangalore Private Data Collection, Data Dissemination & Data Visualization Platform (SaaS), Data Platform, Public Datasets Catalog, Visualizations, Data Analysis, World Data Atlas Have Offices in Russia and United States. knoema - very good Public Data Catalog for free to use portal containing more than 200 million time series. Key Other Open Data Portals are: Open Governance India, Africa Food Price Collection , Open Data for Africa
The Information Design Lab Bombay Academic Research Lab Current projects making data more accessible (ex. digitizing RTI datasets), and creating visualizations for more awareness. The Information Design Lab at IDC, IIT Bombay. The lab is run by Prof. Venkatesh Rajamanickam (also a visiting professor at NID, Bangalore)
IndiaSpend Mumbai NPO Data Journalism Uses open data to analyse a range of issues with the broader objective of fostering better governance, transparency and accountability in the Indian government.
FactChecker Mumbai NPO Data Journalism Has been using open data since early 2014 to scrutinise statements made by individuals in public life.
NextDrop Bangalore Private Data based customer Service NextDrop, a social enterprise launched in 2011, is simplifying urban water collection in India. Use open data and maps.
OpenBangalore Bangalore NPO Data Distribution Collect, Aggregate, Share Open Data related to Bangalore. Release Open Data Kits for journalists and researchers that can be consumed easily.
India Water Portal Data Bangalore NPO Data Distribution Collect, Aggregate, Share water and sanitation related data.
How India Lives Delhi Private Stories A platform to distribute, and improve access to, public datasets. We started off with census data, but hope to add many more datasets in the future.
FourthLion Bangalore Private Data Analytics Our tools and analytics introduce objectivity into strategy and decision-making.
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