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-====== ​Free PDFs ====== +====== ​PDF Liberation ​====== 
-Freeing ​PDFs are no joke.+Come join us on March 21st at IIITB and free some PDFs.  Along with Fields of View we have started to collect ​PDFs that are Bangalore City related and want to spend the day releasing the data from their jails.
-If you have some data that needs to be freed from PDFs please let us know and we can help!+===== Date ===== 
 +March 21 2015 
-Events +===== Agenda ===== 
-March 21st Free the PDF at IIITB+  * 10am Introduction to Open Data and Real use cases for converting PDFs 
 +  * 11am Tutorials 
 +  * 1 pm Lunch 
 +  * 2pm to 7pm Hackathon 
 +===== Venue ===== 
 +{{url>​http://​​wp-content/​plugins/​leaflet-maps-marker/​leaflet-fullscreen.php?​marker=7 100%,300px noscroll noborder alignment|IIITB}} \\ 
 +[[http://​|International Institute of Information Technology]]\\ 
 +26/C, Electronics City, Hosur Road\\ 
 +Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100\\ 
 +Phone: 080 4140 7777\\ 
 +[[http://​​wp-content/​plugins/​leaflet-maps-marker/​leaflet-fullscreen.php?​marker=7|OpenStreetMap'​s Link]] [[https://​​maps/​oi2dw|Google Maps Link]]\\ 
 +===== Register ===== 
 +{{url>​https://​​forms/​d/​1FoXzfDmNYzHdLc0xkHGYASNvhqIdtAGtZHAU2urvnN4/​viewform?​embedded=true 100%, 800px noscroll noborder alignment|Register}} \\
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