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====== DataMeet Chapter Guidelines ====== ===== Chapter Definition ===== ===== Meetup Organization ===== - Will have one main organizer - Will have at the least two co-organizers - DataMeet Trust Community Manager will be one of the co-organizers - Organizer, Co-organizers and DataMeet Trust will form the chapter's core team - Team can have other roles such as Assistant Organizer and Event Organizer if the core team wants - DataMeet Trust will provide community management and support - Core members of the DataMeet Chapter do not represent the DataMeet Trust, unless until explicitly approved by Trust ===== Meetups ===== - Once a month meet up - All organizers have to attend a meetup at the least once in two months - The meetup cant be used for anything other than meetup related information ===== Media ===== - All the meetup minutes have to be blogged to the main datameet blog - Videos will go to the official datameet youtube account - All contents will under [[ | CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported]] ===== Meta ===== * Version: 0.1 * Status: Draft * Author: --- //[[|Thejesh GN]] 2014/10/02 21:28//

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