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 ====== DataMeet Chapter Guidelines ====== ====== DataMeet Chapter Guidelines ======
-===== Meta ===== +===== Chapter Definition ​===== 
-  * Version 0.1 +//Working Definition// 
-  * Draft +A group that meets in a particular geographic or populated area that is using the branding of DataMeet and shares the larger group'​s values of promoting Data Science and Open Data.
-  * Initial version by  --- //[[|Thejesh GN]] 2014/10/02 21:28//+
 +===== Chapter Starting Protocol ====
 +  - Interested parties in creating a chapter will consult with the DataMeet Trust.
 +  - One other co organizer needs to be identified, and along with the Community Manager will form the core team for the Chapter for the first 6 months.
 +  - The first 6 months will be designed to work with others and create a community and follow guidelines set by the Trust.
 +  - After 6 months the Chapters will be required to make their own plan and proceed how they see fit.  The original guidelines can be relaxed on a case by case basis.  ​
 +  - DataMeet Trust will provide support in terms of planning, advice, and guidance.  ​
 +===== Chapter Organization =====
 +  - A main organizer of the chapter will be the point person between the chapter and the DataMeet Trust.
 +  - Can add co-organizers as the chapter sees fit, after the chapter has been in existence for 6 months.
 +  - DataMeet Trust Community Manager will be one of the co-organizers
 +  - Organizer, Co-organizers and Community Manager will form the chapter'​s core team 
 +  - Team can have other roles such as Assistant Organizer and Event Organizer if the core team wants
 +  - DataMeet Trust will provide community management advice and support
 +  - Core members of the DataMeet Chapter do not represent the DataMeet Trust, unless until explicitly approved by Trust 
 +  - A monthly call will be required with the Community Manager and with the other chapter organizers. ​
 +  - [[guidelines:​datameet-community-code-of-conduct|DataMeet Community Code of Conduct]] applies to all the chapters and members. ​
 +===== Meetups =====
 +  - Once a month meet up, cannot miss 3 months in a row.
 +  - All organizers have to attend a meetup at the least once in two months
 +  - The meetup pages can't be used for anything other than meetup related information
 +===== Media =====
 +  - All the meetup minutes have to be blogged to the main datameet blog
 +  - Videos will go to the official datameet youtube account
 +  - All contents will be distributed as per [[http://​​wiki/​guidelines:​ipr-guidelines | DataMeet IPR Guidelines]]
 +===== Meta =====
 +  * Version: 0.1
 +  * Status: Draft
 +  * Author: ​ --- //​[[|Thejesh GN]] 2014/10/02 21:28//
 +  * Talkpage -[[guidelines:​chapter-guidelines-talkpage| Discuss about this guideline here]]
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