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archive.org_media_posting_on_self_hosted_wordpress media posting on Self Hosted Wordpress

Using Wordpress built in player

  1. Upload the audio to
  2. Get the link of the audio as shown in the picture
  3. then embed the following code in the wordpress
  4. [embed][embed]
  5. Wordpress will automatically create a player and embed it in the post

Using shortcode

  1. Install archiveorg-wp plugin and activate it
  2. Go to page
  3. Get the embedID from the URL
  4. embedID is GeoBLRMarch2015FrancescaR
  5. Place the shortcode [archive-org embed=GeoBLRMarch2015FrancescaR] into any post or page. embedID can be found on the website at the tail end of the URL for a video or audio item or playlist. The plugin automatically recognizes playlists.
  6. Optional Parameters:
    1. width = width in pixels of the embedded player
    2. height = height in pixels of the embedded player
    3. playlist = true/false - determines whether a dropdown list of all the files is displayed
  7. For example if you want to specify width and height
[archive-org embed="GeoBLRMarch2015FrancescaR" width="500" height="30"]
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